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Titles for In The Line Of Duty

Accident Scene Preservation: What Every Street Officer Should Know DVD $275.00
Alabama Officer Beating DVD $275.00
Albuquerque Bank Hostage/Sniper Training DVD $275.00
Amber Alert Victim and Suspect Pursuit DVD $275.00
Arrested Female Steals Utah Officer's Cruiser DVD $275.00
Attack In The Courtroom - Calhoun County, Mi Deputies In Struggle For Weapon DVD $275.00
Baltimore Officer Shoots Homeless Person DVD $275.00
Bath Salts DVD $275.00
Blood-Borne Pathogens DVD $275.00
Child Abduction Stopped by Deputies DVD $275.00
Child Abuse DVD $275.00
Cincinnati White Castle Incident (Updated) DVD $275.00
Connecticut Officer Attacked DVD $275.00
Contact and Cover DVD $275.00
Convenience Store Robberies Decline DVD $275.00
Cop Shot During Foot Pursuit,Safe Foot Pursuits DVD $275.00
Cops and Ethics - Staying Out of Hot Water DVD $275.00
Cops' Response to Hate Crimes DVD $275.00
Corpus Christi Knife Assault DVD $275.00
Corrections, Jailers Safety DVD $275.00
Corrections, Jailers Safety II DVD $275.00
Could a "Russian School Siege" Happen Here? DVD $275.00
Courthouse Security DVD $275.00
Courtroom Testimony DVD $275.00
Crime And Death Scene Response - What Every Officer Should Know DVD $275.00
Crime Scene Preservation for Street Cops DVD $275.00
Crisis Intervention Training-Dealing with the Mentally Ill DVD $275.00
Crowd Control DVD $275.00
D.U.l. Analysis DVD $275.00
Danger of Response to Naked Person Calls, The DVD $275.00
Dealing with Meth Labs DVD $275.00
DeKalb County TN Police Shooting DVD $275.00
Deputies Murdered in Warrant Service DVD $275.00
Deputy Murdered Transporting Prisoner DVD $275.00
Detecting Danger Part 1 DVD $275.00
Detecting Danger Part 2 DVD $275.00
Dog Fighting DVD $275.00
Domestic Violence DVD $275.00
Domestic Violence Response DVD $275.00
Drug Recognition Experts DVD $275.00
DUI Patrol: Winning in Court DVD $275.00
El Segundo Movie Theater Gunfight DVD $275.00
Explosive Recognition for Street Cops DVD $275.00
Facing Disaster Part I DVD $275.00
Facing Disaster Part II DVD $275.00
Fire at the Capitol DVD $275.00
Flea Market Shooting DVD $275.00
Fresno, CA-Multi-Ethnic Community Policing DVD $275.00
Ft. Oglethorpe Shootout DVD $275.00
Full-Scale Riot Response DVD $275.00
Gang Violence Stopped DVD $275.00
Gangs Update DVD $275.00
Georgia State Trooper DVD $275.00
Grateful Dead Concert Negotiation DVD $275.00
Groundfight at Walgreens DVD $275.00
Groundfighting DVD $275.00
Groundfighting for Female and Smaller Officers DVD $275.00
Groundfighting Training Part I DVD $275.00
Groundfighting Training Part II DVD $275.00
Gun Safety/311 Non-Emergency DVD $275.00
Gun-Wielding Woman DVD $275.00
Hazardous Materials - What Every Cop Needs to Know DVD $275.00
High Risk Felony Stop DVD $275.00
High Speed Pursuit Takes on Epic Proportions DVD $275.00
Hit and Run DVD $275.00
Homicide Suspect Suicide/Short Stroke Prevention DVD $275.00
Hood River Multi-Speed Chase DVD $275.00
Hospital Security DVD $275.00
Hostage-Taker Interview DVD $275.00
How Friendly Fire Led to Undercover Officer's Death and How to Protect Against It DVD $275.00
Idaho High-Speed Pursuit DVD $275.00
Idaho Pursuit Follow-Up DVD $275.00
Illinois Cop's Intuition Pays Off; Huge Drug Bust DVD $275.00
Indiana Bank Robbery-Chase-Shootout DVD $275.00
Interrogation/Field Interviewing DVD $275.00
Interview with a Cop Killer DVD $275.00
Investigating And Prosecuting Domestic Violence DVD $275.00
Iowa Parade Horror: Horses Bolt Into Crowd DVD $275.00
Irate Motorist DVD $275.00
Iron Will to Survive DVD $275.00
Iron Will to Survive # 4 GA Deputy Shot in Face DVD $275.00
Iron Will to Survive Part II, Blinded Trooper Discusses Survival and Motivation DVD $275.00
Iron Will to Survive-Part III DVD $275.00
Jack-in-The-Box DVD $275.00
Jason's Story DVD $275.00
K-9 Saves Fellow Officer/K-9 Training for street Cops DVD $275.00
Kehoe Brothers OH Shoot-Out/Concealment and Cover Tutorial DVD $275.00
Knives Can Kill You-Fast DVD $275.00
Knoxville Cop Hit DVD $275.00
LA Officer Allows Escaped Murderer After Stop DVD $275.00
Large Animal Crash Response DVD $275.00
Large Vehicle Hijacking/Pursuit/Lethal Force DVD $275.00
Large Vehicle Stop Turns Almost Violent DVD $275.00
Las Vegas Cops Deal with Biker Shoot-Out DVD $275.00
Law Enforcement and the News Media DVD $275.00
Less Lethal Force DVD $275.00
Low-Light Shooting DVD $275.00
Mass Traffic Accidents DVD $275.00
Michelle Jeter Beating DVD $275.00
Missed Patdown Horror Story DVD $275.00
MO Deputy Uses Street Smarts to Nab Twin Killers DVD $275.00
MO Trooper Talks Bank Robber into Releasing Hostage DVD $275.00
Mobile (AL) Officer in Chase/Shootout without Backup DVD $275.00
Montana Officers on Multi-Jurisdictional Chase and Shootout DVD $275.00
Murder of Georgia Deputy DVD $275.00
New Mexico Trooper Held at Gunpoint DVD $275.00
Next-of-Kin-Notification DVD $275.00
Officer Killed/Rail Safety DVD $275.00
Officer Restraint, Serving Warrants DVD $275.00
Officer Shot and Killed After Missing Weapon on Patdown DVD $275.00
Officer Shot, Subject Commandeers Car DVD $275.00
Officer Tries to Block Moving Subject's Car DVD $275.00
Ohio Officer Groundfight - Off-Duty MO Officer Kills Four While DUI DVD $275.00
Patrolling Terror DVD $275.00
Perpendicular Shoot DVD $275.00
Poise Under Pressure DVD $275.00
Police Face Man with Explosive Device DVD $275.00
Police Officer Stress DVD $275.00
Police Response/Halloween Riot DVD $275.00
Pursuit Nabs Naked Cowboy DVD $275.00
Racial Profiling DVD $275.00
Rapid Response to The Active Shooter DVD $275.00
Report Writing DVD $275.00
Retired Maryland State Trooper Mike Lewis, now Sheriff of Wicomico County, Maryland, takes us step-by-step through effective interdiction stops, legal and officer safety considerations, and effective case documentation and presentation. DVD $275.00
Road Rage DVD $275.00
Robbery and Response In Neighboring Jurisdiction DVD $275.00
Safe Pursuit / Response Driving Part I DVD $275.00
Safe Pursuit / Response Driving Part II DVD $275.00
Safeway Store Hostage DVD $275.00
San Francisco Firefight DVD $275.00
San Francisco Officers Die in Response Crash DVD $275.00
SC Officer Run Over by SUV Survives to Nab His Assailant DVD $275.00
SC Trooper Misses "Fatal Funnel" And Nearly Shot to Death DVD $275.00
Shreveport Officer Shoots Man with Phone, Not Gun DVD $275.00
South Carolina Officer Struck by Suspect Vehicle, Subsequent Shooting Death DVD $275.00
Strip Searches DVD $275.00
Suicide by Cop DVD $275.00
Tallahassee Ambush DVD $275.00
Tampa Massacre DVD $275.00
Terror in Tuscaloosa: The Public Safety Response DVD $275.00
Texas Hostage Incident DVD $275.00
Texas Trooper Shot Dead by Elderly Man DVD $275.00
Textbook Traffic Stops DVD $275.00
The McVeigh Stop/Trooper Hanger Talks DVD $275.00
The Miracle Comeback (Cop Shot in Face on Stop) DVD $275.00
Tinted Window Shooting/Tinted Window Training DVD $275.00
TN Officers Shoot, Kill Bank Robber DVD $275.00
Traffic Safety/Passenger Side Approach DVD $275.00
Traffic Stops and Interdiction DVD $275.00
Traffic Stops of Sovereign Citizens: What Every Cop Needs to Know DVD $275.00
Trolley Square: The Night "Rapid Response" Worked DVD $275.00
Trooper Coates Shooting DVD $275.00
Trooper Knife Fight DVD $275.00
Trooper Shot Point Blank DVD $275.00
UT Officers Nearly Hit During Stop DVD $275.00
Utah Trooper Saved by Passenger-Side Approach DVD $275.00
Verbal Judo I DVD $275.00
Verbal Judo II DVD $275.00
Vest Saves Deputy's Life DVD $275.00
Violent Groundfight Erupts: Are You Prepared? Part I DVD $275.00
Violent Groundfight Erupts: Are You Prepared? Part II DVD $275.00
Warren High Speed Chase/Chase Tutorial DVD $275.00
Weapon Retention DVD $275.00
What Dogs Try to Tell Cops DVD $275.00
Wisconsin Officers Stop Jumper and Save Baby Dumped from Car DVD $275.00
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