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Mighty Ship: The Most Innovative Ships   -  Discontinued

Mighty Ship: The Most Innovative Ships

Item Number:
CER GH4596
414 min.
Closed Caption:
Cerebellum Corporation
Grade Level:
7 - 12
This Series pulsates with the pressure of unfolding action in real time, with real people and real stakes.

Mighty Ships reveals the secret mechanics behind the world's most sophisticated vessels. Each episode provides unprecedented access to everything above and below deck, from the mechanics of modern sea-going to the human dramas facing seafarers. Whether it's cargo container ships, ice-breakers or livestock carriers, Mighty Ships is as much about what happens inside the ship as the journey each vessel makes.

• Join Mighty Ships as they board some of the world's most impressive and technologically-advanced sea vessels
• Witness diverse missions - from search and rescue to aquanauts working on the arctic sea floor
• Series captures the danger and drama that unfolds on high-risk, high-stakes voyages


Mighty Ships: CCGS Amundsen
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen is a rare breed of ship; a research icebreaker whose job is to battle Arctic extremes to understand how global warming will radically change life in the high Arctic. Amundsen is the vanguard of a rising wave of ships that will soon navigate a real Northwest Passage. For 500 years, mariners have sought the Holy Grail; an Arctic route to the Orient. Global warming is now turning fiction into fact as the indomitable Arctic icepack melts revealing open, navigable water.

Mighty Ships: DSV Skandi Arctic
To perform the world's most dangerous job demands the support of the most technologically advanced ship in the world. On the frontline of exploring Earth's final frontier, the sea floor, is a new breed of ship... the saturation dive support ship. The biggest, the best and the newest is Skandi Arctic. She's the mother ship for aquanauts who work hundreds of meters below the surface on jobs considered, at least on this planet, the most dangerous in the world. Christened in 2009, Skandi is 157 meters long and the saturation dive habitat that sits on her stern is both state of the art and borderline science fiction.

Mighty Ships: MV Beluga Bremen
She's the heavy weight champion! The most modern, most powerful multipurpose heavy-lift cargo carrier on Earth! Beluga Bremen is the world's first multipurpose heavy lift cargo carrier that can hoist more than 1,400 tons of weight! Built by Bremen-based Beluga Shipping, Beluga Bremen is ready in May 2010 for her maiden voyage. It will be a major event since Bremen is the first of sixteen ships in Beluga's latest generation of super heavy-lift P2 series carriers... the biggest most powerful heavy lifters in the shipping world.

Mighty Ships: North Star
Perfect - and looking to keep it that way. The Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro-Ro) ship North Star is one of the only links between Alaska and the continental U.S. So far this winter, her captain, Richard Cadigan, has delivered everything from food to building supplies to pickup trucks from Seattle to Anchorage on time - within a short 72-hour window.

Mighty Ships: Umiak I
Umiak I is the most powerful, highest-rated ice-breaking bulk carrier in the world. Her muscular engine is the biggest in Canada. Not just the biggest on any ship, but the biggest, period. It can drive this ship through ice conditions that would send other vessels back home. Umiak I can crush sheets of ice almost 2 metres thick, and her bow can ram through ridges up to 10 metres high.

Mighty Ships: USCGC Bertholf
She's the biggest, best, most hi-tech U.S. Coast Guard ship ever built! USCGC Bertholf is brand new, the first of eight Legend Class ships built for US homeland security. It's a new job for the coast guard and Bertholf is the first to take it on by patrolling the high seas, looking for drugs, weapons, human trafficking piracy, as well as traditional search and rescue missions.

6 programs on 2 discs

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